Friday, August 22, 2008

My Baby is Now Three!

Smug and happy to be three.

JK turned three last 11 Aug.

Blowin her birthday cake.

I can't believe my precious baby is now three years old. It wasn't such a long time ago when I held and cuddled her tiny frame in my arms. Now, she prefers to run and wriggle her out way of my hold. She can now choose to refuse my hugs, as she sometimes does, but she can now willfully kiss me, which she does even my without bidding. Moreover, at three, she now argues and reasons to get things to go her way, and sings and dances her heart out. My only wish for her is that she grows up with a passion for something. Whether she ends up as doctor, lawyer, philosophy professor is not as important as having a passion for something greater than herself. I do hope she grows up to become a joy to the world as much as she is now a joy to her family, and most especially, me.

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