Friday, August 22, 2008

My Baby is Now Three!

Smug and happy to be three.

JK turned three last 11 Aug.

Blowin her birthday cake.

I can't believe my precious baby is now three years old. It wasn't such a long time ago when I held and cuddled her tiny frame in my arms. Now, she prefers to run and wriggle her out way of my hold. She can now choose to refuse my hugs, as she sometimes does, but she can now willfully kiss me, which she does even my without bidding. Moreover, at three, she now argues and reasons to get things to go her way, and sings and dances her heart out. My only wish for her is that she grows up with a passion for something. Whether she ends up as doctor, lawyer, philosophy professor is not as important as having a passion for something greater than herself. I do hope she grows up to become a joy to the world as much as she is now a joy to her family, and most especially, me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


2008 Beijing Olympics

At exactly 8:08 pm, China opened the 2008 Summer Olympics in its capital, Beijing. The show which lasted for three hours featured exactly 2,008 number of classical drummers at one point. I had wanted to catch the RP delegation walking at the newly-built Bird's Nest or Chinese National Stadium, with Pacquiao in tow bearing the national flag, but because had China arranged the countries in order of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, I wasn't able to do. The country listings were jumbled, and countries starting with letter A were suddenly followed with countries starting with letter P, and B to G and so forth. I couldn't really tell when the RP's turn would come next, unless of course I stay glued for show's entire duration. Which I didn't.

But what ever little I saw is enough for me to say that the Chinese opening ceremony was amazing. Others have said that it might even be the best ever. As for me, I liked the visual because it wasn't overboard, it was just perfect. It was creatively beautiful, and you could tell the Chinese exhausted a lot of brain cells conceptualizing the whole spectacle. I think that with this event, China has successfully relayed its underlying political message for the world to see, "We are a new force to reckon with." Indeed, China's slumbering dragon has now fully awakened. With a 1.3 billion strong people and an emerging economy, China is predicted to be another superpower in the very near future.

I'm hoping we win our first-ever Olympic gold this year. The government has promised at least Php 15M in prize money plus a brand new car to any of the 15 Filipino athletes who could bring home the gold. I hope somebody gets to drive a brand new car once the Games are over, and of course with surging oil prices, that cold cash would certainly come in handy. ; )

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Way the Go Paris!

Paris Hilton's rebuttal campaign video against Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is over the top hilarious! Whoever wrote and thought about the Paris' campaign ad is a genius! The short video clip, which I linked above, shows a scantily dressed 'hot' Paris sitting in a beach chair reading a travel magazine and giving her views on how to solve the current global oil crises. She gives an intellectually acute advice on how to resolve this major issue, combining both the strong points of McCain's and Obama's stand on it rather accurately. Then she retorts, "See you at the debates, bitches." She further states that she is capable of leading America, and that if she gets elected she intends to paint the White House pink and make Rihanna as her VP. This video is side-splitting! Watch it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The US$14 Million Baby Pics

Helen's face may have launched a thousand ships but I bet those ships' worth are nowhere near the amount People magazine paid to have these pictures taken. The three-week old Jolie-Pitt babies' pictures are worth US 14 million dollars! Roughly estimated to Philippine peso, it amounts to 616 million! That's twice the take home pay of Manny Pacquiao in a single Las Vegas boxing fight. But all of that money will not go to the already bulging coffers of the A-list Hollywood couple Angelina and Brad, otherwise known as Brangelina. The perfect-looking do-gooders will donate the money to their foundation which is committed to helping other less fortunate children the world over. Moreso, I read in one article that Brad gave away hundreds of stuffed toys to the children confined in the same hospital where Angelina stayed in. What a guy! I love this couple. I'm crossing my fingers, I hope they stay together forever.

The Brangelina boy and girl fraternal twins. Two little angels. They must be so proud.

Viv and Knox (Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, named after Angie's mother and Brad's grandfather, respectively.)

Blond-haired Shiloh. So cute.

The Jolie-Pitt clan. 6 kids all in all. 3 biological, 3 adopted. 3 boys, 3 girls. Must be some household.

For more of their family picture, click the link below.