Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A storm named Helen.

The rain is at it again. For three straight days in a row, it has been raining steadily in the metropolis. The gloomy weather is exacerbating my equally gloomy, if not gloomier, disposition. The clear evidence of which is that, I have stopped reading books for almost a month now. The books are piling up, but I seem to have lost the passion to pick them up. I would normally read two books at at a time, but for the longest time now, I don't have the energy to read. Something is amiss.

I hope the sun comes back this week. I need that 'sun-shiny' feeling again.

1 comment:

Les said...

Oi! Ano 'yan? Read! Hehehe...


Les (missing any sort of personal reading)

also missing mall of asia

... and my good ol' "maiden" days hehehe.

miss you!