Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Lifetime

My past seems to be hounding me. I keep on stumbling with the people from my past. Those whom I have almost forgotten I have shared a life with. Life has a way of reminding you of what's really important. It keeps on returning to the pages who wish to always remember. Out of blue, an old college friend sends an email reminding me of our treasured dalliance of longtime ago. It just seems another lifetime ago. Suddenly, I remember that I miss her. The past, that was my previous regrettable present, now seems so magical, so alluring that I wish I could go back. Turn back the hands of time to once again feel every inch of pain, discomfort and giddiness of young adulthood. To think that I have always wanted to be in my future, which is now my present. Will I always live my life this? Wanting to live in the future and going back to the past but never ever enjoying the present that is NOW. Ironic is it, that only the now is the true measure of time. The now is the only thing that you can hold, the only time you can accomplish or be anything. I need to appreciate what the NOW represents. I need to live in the now and not in another lifetime.

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